agraz arquitectos house x

  • 住宅


mexican practice agraz arquitectos have recently finished 'house X' marking their ten year anniversary, and is situated on a corner site, 
next door to a previously built project which created the opportunity to respond to a dialogue established by the neighboring dwelling. 
orthogonal slabs of concrete sit parallel and perpendicular to each other, at times exposed as the raw material and at others veneered
in white plaster. the proximity and relationships of the planes form a series of dynamic spaces through a play of solids and voids, 
while thin slats punctuate the overall formal expression and allow light to seep inside. natural stone masses and metal lattice work add 
texture and layers of transparency to the material palette. 

the garage and services are placed below grade to hide automobiles from public view, with a bright linear staircase connecting all
three levels along one axis. the ground floor is divided between the exterior patio and backyard, and the living room, dining, kitchen, study,
bathroom and the entrance vestibule. retractable glass panes connect the core of the residence to the outdoor area. the upstairs is delegated 
to a three bedrooms and two bathrooms. polished marble panels tile the floors with warm wood fixtures and wall elements breaking up 
the otherwise hard surfaces.

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