six oaks modulus california shipping container home

  • 住宅
  • 营地
  • 医疗


 Six Oaks is a recycled shipping container house located in the forested mountains outside of Santa Cruz, California. Designed by San Jose-based Modulus, the container house fits within the context of its environment and is at once both modern and rustic. The home was built to fit the topography of the site and a bridge is used to gain access to the entrance. 


Six Oaks was created by Modulus as a vacation getaway in heavily wooded site near Felton, CA. The simple design seeks for minimalism in terms of functionality, cost, material usage and day-to-day living. It protects from the environment at the same time as it connects to the environment. To minimize grading and site impact, the home’s footprint was designed to fit within the topography and the shipping containers proved to be the perfect building block with which to create the home’s volume. The recycled containers are the key element to the home’s sustainability.

Inside, the home features an open floor plan living, dining and kitchen area. Access to the 1,200 sq ft home is gained via a bridge that juts out from the road to the home set within a hollow. Daylight enters through skylights and windows throughout the home and through grates in the walls and floors to interior spaces. Outdoor living spaces are crafted with as much attention to detail as the indoor ones in order to make the home bigger and more useful.

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