chiaki arai kadare cultural center

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in the heart of yurihonjo city, japanese firm chiaki arai urban and architectural design has just completed a large-scale societal hearth

titled the 'kadare cultural center'. the multi-faceted building, which was originally distributed between two sites sandwiching a road,

combines the entire ensemble under one roof, creating a covered pedestrian 'gathering street' providing centralized access to,

and separating the theater, library, planetarium and community center. working closely with local citizens, the architects designed each

function with practical input from the people that use them to produce a spatially sensitive architecture that responds to human scale

and usability and communicates logically within the sequence of spaces.


in order to house such a diverse program with varying needs and conditions, a repetitive and irregular concrete structure creates

the opportunity for different scopes of spaces within one building. windows are punched through the outer shell not necessarily following

an external aesthetic, but to provide the necessary amount of light where it is needed. in this way, each zone bestows a different

experience and quality specific to its use, while maintaining the overall language of the construct. special attention was given to 

the project all the way down to the smallest details, such as the placement of the rocks in the exterior courtyard. the walls are cast with

a very particular texture of lines and voids, some of which are filled with small lights, and the ceilings are covered in metal panels of varying

thicknesses and perforations which provides a somatosensory environment.