snoozebox portable shipping container hotel

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'snoozebox' is a self-contained portable shipping container hotel which can be loaded and transported quickly and efficiently to any 

destination whether by road, rail, air or sea. the stackable accommodation has a smaller footprint than traditional cabin-style ones, 

or large motor homes, enabling it to be positioned in a number of configurations, making the most of its designated site.

the modules can be arranged in groupings of as few as 40 to 400 rooms and can be up and running within 48 hours of arriving at its destination. 

this quick build-up is in part a result of the fact that each of the units require no mains service - no provision for electricity, water or sewerage is necessary.

each room is climate controlled and features a wet room, double bed, flat screen TV, power sockets, free wi-fi and a safe. 

the 'snoozebox' is currently standing as a 320 room hotel which provides accommodation for security personnel engaged at the 

london 2012 olympics from july 14th to august 15th 2012.