architecture for dogs curated by kenya hara

  • 营地


'pointed t' by hara design institute for a japanese terrier as part of the 'architecture for dogs' project by kenya hara

image © hiroshi yoda designboom met with torafu architects in tokyo to discuss their design for a jack russel terrier called the 'wanmock' created as part of 

japanese art director and designer kenya hara's project 'architecture for dogs'. the 'wanmock' is a re-envisioned hammock for 

the most deserving customer - man's best friend. based on the philosophy of DIY, the firm wanted to develop a design that celebrates 

raw materials such as wood and cardboard.hara has commissioned structures from 11 renowned architects and designers for the venture including konstantin grcic, atelier bow-wow, 

shigeru ban and kazuyo sejima. the heavy-weight designers having conceived custom-built homes for their canine clients - 

each tailored specific to a particular breed of dog - designboom will followup on these projects as they unfold. hara himself worked with the teacup poodle for his piece, using the fact he noticed how much time dogs spend looking up at their masters 

as impetus for the concept and decided to hoist the fleecy pet to a more human level - literally. hara focused on integrating height into his

interpretation by featuring steps the poodle is able to use to be closer to its owner. going live in one month is the project's website, where dog-owners will be able to download blueprints of each design, 

as well as instructions and videos demonstrating customization. hara sees the project as an opportunity to explore architecture 

in a different way that can evolve into something that will perhaps one day feed the company's own practice.