bamboo houses shape ibukus green village community in thailand

  • 住宅


working in conjunction with the green school in bali, the 'green village' is a community of ecological houses sitting along the ayung river, 

within walking distance of the educational facility. local balinese practice ibuku has designed several houses that co-exist with the 

natural landscape, using bamboo as its only building material on a multitude of scales. the houses are amongst the first structures 

that use very traditional building methods and local craftsmen that result in a high quality structure and life. architect elora hardy 

explains the sustainable nature of the entire project:


'even sustainable timber can’t begin to compare with bamboo as a conscientious building material. with very few resources or 

attention a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that house could stand strong for a lifetime.'


each residence has its own unique character, as the architects work hand-in-hand with the client to tailor the design to their specific needs, 

with a percentage of the proceeds going to the green school. to date, 15% of the local student body is able to study on a full scholarship,

as a percentage of money made from each house is donated to the school.  


the dwellings are typically based around radially located clusters of thick bamboo columns, like tendrils that weave into the floor beams and
eventually attach to the bamboo tile or thatch canopy. it is then treated in different methods to perform various tasks within the home.
larger stocks are cut into longitudinal sections to make a ladder-like frame that can be used as a semi-opaque wall component or furniture
structure. thin strips are woven to make a solid but light-weight partition. bent members create an original circular opening with a swiveling
door. the readily available, malleable material property of bamboo makes it possible to create free-flowing sweeping forms that maintain
their structural capacity and can be easily integrated into natural stone foundations.