emma architecten pavilion puur at fort diemerdam

  • 住宅
  • 办公
  • 商业


situated in fort diemerdam along amsterdam's historic defense line amongst the historical bunker and guardian house recently 

declared a world heritage site, dutch practice emma architecten's 'pavilion puur' begins the revival project to host educational 

and social events. inhabiting the existing footprint of the previous soldier's shelter, the massing takes cues from the immediate 

landscape, where rolling hills are directly reflected in the wave-like curving form. the old law of circles, or 'kringenwet,' 

states that all buildings erected within shooting distance of the cannons must be made of wood, informing the material choice of the 

shingles and structural ribs that constitute the curled undulating walls. as a result, the climatic conditions will slowly change 

the aesthetic of the timber skin, expressing the character of the structure. 


at entry level, the floor is sunken 60 centimeters below grade, paying homage to the safety of the barracks that once occupied the space,

with a subterranean basement that has a rear exit surfacing near the parking. throughout the sequence of the interior, several openings 

peel the timber veneer apart to offer glimpses of the restored monuments outside. a light steel structure supports the exterior lumber, 

with polished concrete floors poured over corrugated metal sheets, with glass walls that expose themselves as the skin of the building

is lifted off the ground. the program includes a bar, event room, kitchen, rooftop terraces, and exhibit space.