langarita navarro arquitectos red bull music academy

  • 办公
  • 营地


set to be held in tokyo, the 'red bull music academy' traveling festival was urgently relocated to madrid due to the devastating effects of the earthquake in 2011. 

with only five months time to design a new venue, local firm langarita-navarro arquitectos created a sequence of spaces that were constructed in two months,
intruded minimally on the existing site and illustrated the ideas of standardization and adaptability. located in the group of historical warehouses that make 
up the 'matadero,' slowly being repurposed  into various creative spaces (see designboom's coverage of the 'reader's house'), the design contains offices, 
musicians' studios, recording studios and a flexible area used for conferences, radio broadcasts and lounge in an expansive open space of 4,700 m2.
the project is made up of entirely temporary constructions, leaving the original steel structure and brick facade building intact, with the ability to recycle 
all components of the intervention into new systems without leaving a single trace on site.


the solution is to use the aging structure as a canopy over an urban microcosm, comparable to the concept of a matryoshka doll whereby a component is perfectly
incorporated into the other in a permanent or temporary fashion. smaller independent moveable houses made of affordable plywood panels on a lightweight 
aluminum frame skeleton sit off of the ground on truss foundations, while an oriented strand board (OSB) deck unites the individual units into a sort of 
homogenous community. each timber 'dwelling' is designed for its specific function, paying special attention to acoustic requirements, while soundproofing 
is achieved through a wall of stacked sandbags and colorful canvas ceilings help control sound reverberation. the smaller constructs exist within an 'exterior'
environment, where the light filled industrial building is turned into a park with various cultures of potted plants that can later be replanted in diverse locations.
the flexibility of the design allows for a variety of future uses or a removal of all pieces altogether.


the red bull music academy has just been announced as one of the winners of the 2012 ar+d awards for emerging architecture, organized by the 
architectural review and the danish architectural hardware design company d line to award the practicality and invention of practitioners under
the age of 45.