ondesign a life with a large opening

  • 住宅


located in the dense urban context of nezu in tokyo, japanese studio ondesign has finished the residence titled 'a life with a large opening.' 

while houses are normally built as a single mass, the design was re-imagined within its slender site to provide an exterior space and all the
benefits that accompany it such as natural light, ventilation, and a more dynamic circulation through the structure. the archetypal single-volume
was broken into two thin forms in parallel, with a void almost right in the middle. the architects studied the use of exterior space in vertical
buildings and integrated this in a private manner for the residents. the gap in essence defines the character of the dwelling, as the owners have a
constant relationship with it, using it as a garden, an exterior, a balcony, a place to hang clothes.


the thinner of the two masses contains the vertical circulation, aided by catwalks and the larger space to cross over into the actual functions of the
house. the vertical living scheme contains the dining room, kitchen and some storage on the ground floor, followed by the bedroom and bathroom,
and finally the study and living room on the top floor where the plenty of natural light illuminates a lively space. a thin wood frame construction
maximizes the usable area of the interior so it doesn't feel constricted, with a constant escape to the exterior and views always within arms reach.