michael jantzen reinvents the built structure

  • 住宅


I want to reinvent the built environment in order to extend the reach of consciousness.'

conceptual designer, artist, architect, inventor and engineer michael jantzen has come up with radically different methods for us to interact with 
our built environment, that not only experiment with the organization of space and material but questions and reinvisions the very consciousness 
that dictate our interactions. in his many years experimenting with sustainable building strategies, jantzen has come up with ways to reduce our
pull on resources and extend building life using new technologies and simple archaic design methods. most of his projects thrive to absorb and 
store resources to function as independently from the grid as possible. many of his works include operable physical parts in combination with 
digital interfaces and modern energy collection devices. a more explored structure is a central space in a ring with rotating sections that envelop
the volume and change its function.

the M-house, part of his m-vironments series, is a standalone or connectable living machine that can be built for just about any environment
and climate. seven interlocked cubes are made of rectangular panels that are attached to a hinged retractable frame. interchangeable panels 
allow the resident to change parts of the house for either maintenance or adaptation to evolving needs.