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'tony's farm' by playze, shanghai, china
image © bartosz kolonko
all images courtesy of playze



international practice playze has recently finished 'tony’s farm' for the biggest organic food farm in shanghai, which produces vegetables and fruits. 
it is meant to be more than just a place for vegetable production, its vision is to integrate the consumer and therefore promote a natural lifestyle. 
to link the activities of the working people with the visitors of the farm, the building complex combines the main reception, a lobby, (working also for
the future hotel rooms) and a vip area, with the new offices and an existing warehouse, where the fruits and vegetables are packaged. the building provides 
transparency within the manufacturing process. thus it supports the vision of integrating the visitor and helps to reinforce consumer confidence in 
their products. at the same time the building design is driven by the concept of sustainability, combined with it's iconic qualities, it communicates and 
promotes the core concept of the company.


the cubing of the 78 containers follows spatial and climatic demands. the cantilevering gesture marks the main entrance of the site. this is where the visitors
enter the structure and find the reception desk. after the lobby, which is accentuated by a three-storey high volume, they step out to an inner courtyard, 
where they are picked up by electric cars to be brought to their hotel rooms, distributed throughout the farm. the second level allows a connection to the
office wing of the building via two bridges. this part of the building complex is covered by the existing warehouse. the east facade has been sliced, so that 
the new container offices could find shelter underneath the existing roof and form an new inner facade towards the production hall.