undercurrent architects archway studios

  • 办公


 on a restrictive narrow site next to a rail line and viaduct from the 19th century, london-based practice undercurrent architects has 
built 'archway studios' as a live-workspace prototype that suggests a creative adaptation of the 10,000 arches spread across the city. 
responding to its industrial setting, the weathered outer corten steel shell gives a presence of solidity and strength, cut into strips and folded 
in to open slits in the facade that funnel daylight into the white interior. a large vaulted workshop under the tracks is connected to 
a tall atrium with residential niches in a bright open space, as all windows face south along its narrow axis to the existing foliage.

its particular site next to a working train track elicits special attention to soundproofing and vibration control. a rubber foundation allows
the structure to act independently of the surrounding surfaces. the external wall is composed of a series of sheets that systematically
reduce noise and structural resonance while providing internal comfort. the six-millimeter outermost layer is supported by a system of steel
ribs, packed with fiber matting acoustic insulation and is structurally independent of the inner wall construction. the air gap between the 
inner and outer membranes contains the thermal insulation, freeing the inner skin to focus solely on additional acoustic reduction, 
with an adhered dampening film that combats structural resonance. the skylight, more directly connected to the sound of passing
trains and vulnerable to acoustic bridging, is composed of two layers of thick glass with a 16 millimeter cavity in between.