AATH outsidehouse7

  • 住宅


 The Outside (Outside) ((Outside)) House is like no other. Designed by Japanese architecture firm a.a.+H, the unique house is a sweeping space with four mini houses under two roofs. Thanks to polycarbonate sheeting, the interior is flooded with natural light, and each corner of the home has a distinct feeling.

The outside structure of the home is almost like a barn – a grandiose open space with a high peaked ceiling. With slatted siding continuing throughout, the entire space is filled with natural light, connecting the interior to the outside. The four miniature “houses” inside further emphasize the connection to the outdoors.

With much of the exterior walls made from translucent polycarbonate, the mini-houses inside also create a sense of privacy for the residents. Located in the four corners of the barn structure, the smaller houses feel tucked away and cozy, complete with their own roofs that create the feeling of intimacy when inside. Wood panels and plywood create a rustic and airy feel.

Between the mini houses, a long boardroom style dining table unifies the space and gives the residents a view of the translucent double floor ceiling. The surrounding interior roofs meet with a shared roof beam, creating a mezzanine balcony that overlooks the dining area below. Potted and hanging plants flank the balcony, creating the illusion of treetops grazing the interior roofs. The unique home gives its residents cozy compartmentalized living matched with the open and airy quality of a lofty barn.

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