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 If you want to see the world as the birds and bees do, you might want to head over to Germany, where the world's longest tree top walk was recently unveiled. Winding from the ground around three giant fir trees with a circumference of 38 meters each, the timber ramp is more than 500 meters long and 44 meters tall. Located in Neuschönau amid the spectacular Bavarian Forest National Park, the tree top walk is wheelchair accessible, so everyone in the family can come along.


The Bavarian Forest National Park bills the massive tree top walkway as “riskless adventure” since users are protected by a wooden fence and transparent nets. But for those who like a little adrenalin in their lives, a series of wooden and rope bridges along with other fun challenges are available at three different stations along the way to the top.

Once visitors reach the summit of the egg-shaped structure, which has a grade of no more than 6% and is topped with a flat platform, they are treated to immense views of the mountains of Lusen and Rachel along with the Bavarian and Bohemian forests. And on a really clear day, it is even possible to catch a peek at the northern alps. With a reasonable entrance fee of just €8 for adults, this destination is definitely worth a gander.


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