cannon design powerhouse

  • 办公


 St. Louis’ Cannon Design renovated an abandoned Municipal Power House building into a brand new office to call their home. The project transformed the vacant space into the design company’s sleek headquarters, creating a modern interior inside the historic building. The workspace combines open common areas with more intimate, private offices, and it achieved a LEED Gold rating.


Originally built in 1928, the Power House occupies an entire city block, and has been designated a landmark by the National Historic Register. The red brick façade is lined with three story arched glass windows, which flood the entire interior with natural light all throughout the day.

Inside, the open floor plan has been divided up with a curvilinear structure that spans three floors, creating multilevels of office space for Cannon’s 120 employees. Using the historic façade like a shell, the new office structure creates private offices, open workspaces, two board rooms, a lunch room, kitchenettes on each floor, a model shop and library. The new structure also hosts an elevator for handicap access, as well as staircases.

Supported by a steel frame, the top two floors of the inner office system cantilever over the ground floor, creating a visual contrast between the white curves of the build out with the antique factory windows of the Power House. Striving for LEED Gold, the adaptive reuse project also includes a 3,500 square foot urban garden for Cannon’s employees to enjoy.

The Power House successfully combines a historic skin with a environmentally conscious interior, preserving an architecturally significant disused building.