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 Platoon Kunsthalle is an epic cargotecture complex in Berlin made from 34 recycled shipping containers! The cultural center opened on July 19, and it will host a program of art events and exhibitions curated by PLATOON for the next two years. We recently had a chance to check out the art complex, which welcomes visitors to a bevy of events, workshops and lectures within its sturdy shipping container walls - read on for a closer look!

Conceived by cultural innovators PLATOON Berlin, the Kunstalle was created to bring art and culture events to the city’s Mitte district. Built over the course of a few days with eight trucks, two cranes and forty shipping containers, the center was designed to inspire Berliners and tourists alike. PLATOON Kunsthalle is stacked to form an open atrium inside, and it is divided into four floors, an outdoor plaza, and adjacent outdoor project space. The steel end caps of the shipping container stacks have been cut away and replaced with glass, allowing light to flood in through the building’s front façade.

The first floor serves as the main event space, hosting dinners, roundtable lectures, and presentations. The solid walls of the cargo containers also create the perfect venue for screening films and watching live music. One cargo container that faces the front serves as the venue’s bar and restaurant, serving drinks and snacks for each of the programmed events.

Based on PLATOON’s existing shipping container complex in Seoul, Korea, Berlin’s Kunsthalle will also be dedicated to underground/subculture art and design. Occupying a lot in the Mitte neighborhood for two years, the complex has the flexibility to be rearranged to accommodate different events and programs, albeit with the help of a large crane. Kunsthalle Berlin has already been host to several events, including a pop-up art exhibition outside and a screening of Ai Wei Wei’s new documentary, “Never Sorry.”


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