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 Mack Energy Corporation's focus is on oil and gas exploration and production, but the company is also interested in preserving its resources through energy conservation. Their new headquarters in southeast New Mexico is a bold statement in sustainability that makes use of daylighting, shading, rainwater harvesting, and locally-sourced materials. Designed by Van H. Gilbert Architects, the building evokes the landscape in which the company works and combines contemporary design and oil field imagery.

The Van H. Gilbert Architects-designed Mack Energy Corporation headquarters is a 50,000-square-foot, two-story building in Artesia, New Mexico. Centered around a two-story atrium, the office building is flooded with natural light. The atrium is multi-purpose and acts to welcome visitors, is used as event space, serves as a security buffer, and as a strong visual focus to the outdoors. The space also provides a connection between the two wings and the engineering department, geology department and labs, the land and farm department, accounting, legal support, human resources, production, and IT. The office also provides space for meetings, a residential-grade kitchen, server room, racquetball court, and secure vaults round out the full service, Class AA, corporate office.

Natural materials were used throughout and stone walls reflect the New Mexico landscape and the strata of rock in which the company conducts its explorations. Additionally, locally-manufactured and sustainable materials with a high-recycled content were given priority. Daylighting floods the office space, while shade devices protect the interior from glare and overheating. A reflective roofing system, reflective glass and a shading system over the parking lot further reduce heat gain and urban heat island effect. Rainwater is harvested for irrigation of the landscape which includes plantings indigenous to the area like pecan trees, shrubs, and xeriscape ground covers. Say what you will about the company’s business doings, but at least their headquarters are energy efficient.



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