carmel residence

  • 旅游


 Located in sunny California, the Carmel residence overlooks its namesake bay and the majestic Pacific Ocean from its sea front location. Designed by Dirk Denison Architects, every facet of the house was informed by the owners' desire to be constantly aware of their surroundings, with a large central courtyard forming the heart of the house. Extending out from this space, a living room, bedroom, kitchen, breakfast nook (with sea views of course) and office all exist, with fully folding doors and walls allowing the space to completely open up. In other words, the space functions in many ways, stretching and compressing depending on its use. A glass roof covers some of this central courtyard, doubling as a protector from salty and strong seawater winds as well as allowing clear views of the sunny Californian sky. Mahogany and steel materials are used throughout the space, a solid and warm addition to a residence so strongly influenced by the sea. The second floor can be accessed by an exterior cantilever stair, and features a small enclosure which sits between two porches that lap up dramatic ocean views. Mostly used as a meditation space, a scooped skylight makes for a light airy space during the day and a dreamy night sky viewing room come night time.