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 brazilian practice studio mk27 has just completed one of their latest residences, the 'MM house' in braganca paulista, a wooded municipality of sao paulo. 
the dwelling consists of two perpendicular rectangular footprints. on the east/west axis is a reinforced concrete shell resembling an extruded version of
the iconographic house, complete with a green roof that roots it discretely into the green hilly landscape. this volume contains all the interior program
organized in a linear fashion with a sequence of spaces from the garage and entry to the master suite at the other extreme. a screen of retractable slender 
wooden slats wraps the entire envelope along the exterior glass wall to soften direct sunlight, with the ability to open entirely to the exterior. all the private
bedrooms are situated along the eastern elevation facing down the valley, with the housekeepers' quarters and social spaces along the opposite side, separated
by a long linear hallway. at the point where this solid mass intersects with the perpendicular wooden deck, the program becomes neither indoor nor outdoor,
with a barbeque, bar and lounge area under the pitched roof but entirely open to the elements. the public living room and tv room flanking this space contain
large glass doors that visually, if not spatially, connect the two. the timber terrace extends out towards the lower area of the site, ending in a swimming pool 
hoisted upon a concrete plinth that reflects the picturesque environment.

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