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 Big news out of Madrid, Spain: French university Team Rhône-Alpes has won the 2012 European Solar Decathlon with their stunning solar Canopea House! Leading the Solar Decathlon competition since winning the Architecture and Operations prizes, this compact home is topped with a 10,7 kW array of photovoltaic panels that produce enough energy to run all of the electricity on both floors and charge up a mini electric vehicle at the same time! The Canopea house was designed for modularity and was specifically engineered so that it can be stacked into 'nanotowers' to provide high density housing, addressing the need for sustainable urban housing in the alpine corridor.

The top six homes in the final results of the 2012 European Solar Decathlon are:

1. Canopea House by Team Rhône-Alpes
2. Patio 2.12 by Team Andalucia
3. MED in Italy by Team Italy
4. ECOLAR by Team Germany
5. Counter Entropy by RWTH Aachen University
6. ODOO Project by Team Hungary

In the first week of the 2012 Solar Decathlon in Madrid, competition was touch and go, but with their stunning solar Canopea house the students from France have kept a fairly constant lead since winning the architecture and operations categories. Not only has with their stunning solar Canopea House! demonstrated remarkable engineering skills, but they’ve displayed consistent leadership in virtually every category.

Team Rhône-Alpes received a whopping 120 points for architecture, 116.85 for functionality and 86.70 for sustainability for the two-story Canopea home prototype topped by a crown of PV panels. However, Team Rhône-Alpes‘ specially designed ‘nanotower concept’ could scale up both horizontally and vertically to create whole neighborhoods of Canopeas, which is something that the judges took into consideration. The final scores haven’t been released yet, but since today’s win hinged on innovation, we’re not at all surprised to see the team from France take first place. Congratulations to Team Rhône-Alpes for their much-deserved win!