deep ocean technology water discus underwater hotel

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polish company deep ocean technology (DOT) in collaboration with swiss firm big invest group have developed 'water discus', an underwater hotel which is to be constructed within the arabian gulf. the establishments consists of two circular structures,one residential located underneath the water and one elevated with joining satellites to facilitate new unprecedented functions of marine leisure.
the edifice sits up on five resilient legs fixed to the seabed, where the upper disc is suspended above the sea surface. these two technical solutions will ensure that complex remains safe even in the event of tsunami's, which can normally flood the nearest coastal areas.

the submerged resort is located up to 10m beneath the surface of the sea, is approximately 500m2 and consists of 21 rooms which can accommodate two people. each suite is integrated with the sunken world with special lighting. to ensure privacy, all rooms are sound-proof and have curtains which offer different levels of transparency. all units are adjacent to the underwater dive centre, decompression chamber and bar. to get in contact with the local flora and fauna, miniature submarine vehicles can be operated to take a closer look at the microscopic subaqueous creatures using macro photography. amenities at the hotel include a water adventure planet which consists of a 4m deep diving pool, a cave and wreck diving training facility, as well as air-filled emergency breathing stations equipped with surveillance cameras. special courses have been designed for pilots of underwater tourist vehicles, which are a permanent element in the infrastructure.

the upper discus has an area of 1500m2 where each satellite is approximately 200m2. it is the location for active leisure and extreme marine experience. the upper terrace contains a swimming pool, spa, exotic garden. a multifunctional lobby built inside the grand water feature is positioned in the centre of the ring. this part of the complex is connected to the stations with large glass-walled tunnels that cut through the training pool for divers.