40sm tel aviv apartment SFARO

  • 住宅


 Living big in 430 square feet (40 square meters) of space takes some creative planning and ingenious space-saving design, and this small apartment in Tel Aviv is a great example. Israel-based SFARO turned a cramped space into one that feels like a never-ending roundabout. By moving all the main utilities, storage and programmatic units into a central cube, the apartment is now a one-bedroom space with excellent circulation and lots of light.


Housing prices in Tel Aviv have soared in recent years and many people are unable to afford moving, but still want to upgrade or improve their space. As a result, many have resorted to remodeling their spaces, no matter how small. The owner of this small apartment decided to transform her cramped studio space into a more luxurious 1 bedroom that also included storage units, a large separate kitchen and a full size queen bedroom.

SFARO completely transformed the long narrow 430-square-foot apartment by gutting the space and creating a new circulation. They moved the utilities, kitchen, bathroom, storage and other programmatic areas into a central multi-functional cube. Now there are four distinct zones around the cube: hallway, living room, long galley kitchen, and bedroom. Sliding doors store away into the cube and allow the owner to open or close spaces depending on the time of day, guests or needs. Built-in storage keeps items neatly packed away and bright white finishes help bounce light around to make the space seem much larger.