hotel aliah is a sustainable luxury hotel complex for the 2014 world cup

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 Brazilian firms Hiperstudio and Estudio Arkiz recently won first prize for the Hotel Aliah sustainable luxury hotel complex in Sao Paulo. Designed for Aliah, a company which promotes sustainable development through practices and businesses that are profitable with a positive socio-environmental impact, the green-roofed hotel is meant to provide guests with a direct connection to the environment and encourage improved sustainable attitudes. The Aliah Project is meant for the World Cup in 2014 and will serve as a model of sustainable architecture by disseminating innovative concepts that promote a green lifestyle.


Hotel Aliah is a sustainable luxury hotel complex for World Cup 2014 that is meant to re-establish a connection between man and the environment. The green-roofed hotel was designed byHiperstudio and Estudio Arkiz. Their belief, which is in line with the development company, Aliah, is that sustainability is not just a matter of strategies and actions, but of intrinsic values that require adopting a new attitude towards the world.

The Aliah Project is designed to be a comfortable, innovative and transcendental space where guests can find a better, healthier and more balanced way of life. The architecture for the hotel by Hiperstudio & Arkiz is expressly designed to encourage new attitudes and provide opportunities for contemplation, walking and meditation. The buildings are orientated along an axis which is integrated and has views of the surrounding landscape and takes advantage of the sun. Vegetation and green roofs are integral to the design along with natural daylighting and ventilation. Rainwater is harvested and used throughout the building along with recycled grey water for irrigation.