tube tank pop up store modelina architekci

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 The new pop-up store for Swedish watch brand TRIWA is made entirely from cardboard. Designed and built by Polish Studio Mode:lina Architekci, the tank-shaped store was designed to be quickly assembled from low-cost materials. The tank is built from over 900 cardboard tubes, and TRIWA sales assistants stand inside it to sell watches to passing customers.

Located in Poznan Plaza shopping mall in the city of Poznan, Poland, the store features display cabinets made from chunky chipboard panels, held together with brightly colored ratchet straps. Cardboard tubes are put together to create a supporting structure for the displays made from raw OSB wood panels. After experimenting with the material, architects have concluded that the most stable construction would look like a caterpillar tread; the tank shape was chosen as the most suitable and secure way of piecing the cardboard together.

Three major considerations directed the design process for the new store: the structure was to be built from renewable materials, the building costs reduced to minimal and, above all, the design was supposed to help increase global brand awareness. The Tube Tank pop-up store is the second collaboration between Mode:lina Architekci and TRIWA: the first store also featured cardboard as the main material, with dismantlable boxes later used to transport watches to the next pop-up store.