james mau builds a modern blue home from four sea shipping containers

  • 住宅


 James & Mau architecture studio has come up with yet another eye-catching shipping container home, this time in a modern L-shape. Using four sea shipping containers, the home is situated in the Spanish town of El Tiemblo and uses biomass energy. 70% of its total materials -- including the insulation -- were either recycled or reused materials.

James & Mau’s 623 square foot house contains a living room, kitchen, toilet and guest bedroom on the lower floor, and a main bedroom, studio, bathroom and walk-in-closet on the second. A cute balcony that uses the container’s doors as walls has a small table and chairs for tea or small al-fresco meal. Although it was made from sturdy metal cubicles, its open interior spaces get plenty of natural light and cross circulation breeze.

70% of the house was made from recycled or reused materials like the living room’s coffee table, sculptures and lamp bases. At an elevation of 3,600 feet, the house keeps warm with recycled newspaper and cork insulation and biomass energy during the increasingly cold winter times. Selling for 140.000 euros, this modular, prefab and versatile home can easily expand to adapt to new family needs.

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