john lin house

  • 住宅


Architect John Lin designed this courtyard residence in rural China to run on pig poop! Located in the north-eastern region of the country in Shijia Village, the 'House For All Seasons' residence has become a model to encourage village residents to be less dependent on the outside world. The Hong Kong-based architect incorporated a biogas boiler that runs on waste collected in a pigpen, creating a self-reliant and innovative collection of homes that generate their own energy.

Lin’s design follows a number of sustainable principles so that during the rainy season water is harvested on the roof and filters down to be stored in a large container for the rest of the year. Space is allocated on wide staircases for crops to be planted, and like other traditional residences the structure is insulated with mud walls around a concrete frame.

This helps to reduce energy, which is partially provided by an underground biogas boiler that runs on pig waste, and also ensures the building is as earthquake-resistant as possible. The building’s exterior is a lattice of bricks which provides shade and natural ventilation to the interior area. With so much green goodness in one space, it is easy to understand why Lin’s renovation is the winning design for this year’s AR House awards.

Conducted as an experiential learning workshop at The University of Hong Kong, the project was funded by the Luke Him Sau Charitable Trust.

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