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Looking for a unique place to stay in London? For the past few years, renowned designer Tom Dixon has been converting an 80-year-old water tower in London into an awesome modernist home. A room in the sky-high cylindrical structure is currently up for rent for $209 per night. To get there, you have to climb up six flights of stairs, but once inside, it affords some of the best views of the city around. Sadly, it's all booked up for the Summer Olympics.

Dixon purchased the old 5,000-gallon water tank in 2005 with plans to build one of the most unique houses in London. Construction began in 2009, and although it isn’t finished just yet, three floors of living space have already been built out, with three bedrooms, a reception room, a kitchen, and a roof deck.

According to a recent Daily Mail profile, the structure was first sectioned off into three stories, about a dozen windows were cut into the walls, and wood paneling was added to the exterior. Original plans called for adding several lower floors, but those plans have apparently changed. Dixon plans to add another two stories to the structure, bringing the total size up to 5,000 square feet, reports the Daily Mail. He will also swap out the existing spiral staircase for an elevator. Inside, Dixon will install a “heat exchange” system that will use water from the Grand Union Canal to heat and cool the structure.

According to an Airbnb listing, one bedroom with a kitchenette and a full bath are available for rent for $209 per night or $1289 per week. The two other rooms on the other floors are also available at similar rates, says the listing. 

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