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The Long Barn Studio is the new office space for Nicolas Tye Architects in mid-Bedfordshire, on the outskirts of Maulden in the UK. The architecture firm built on the ruins of an old barn, using the footprint to design a new, modern and eco-friendly studio. Materials were chosen to harmonize with the surrounding environment and provide an immediate connection with the outdoors. Powered in part by an on-site wind turbine, the architecture studio is a striking space filled with natural daylighting as well as sustainable materials and technologies.


Nicolas Tye started his architecture firm in his private home, but soon he had more employees than he had space, so they needed to expand. Tye chose to keep the office on-site and to build a modern space outfitted with sustainable strategies. To ensure the space was in harmony with the surroundings, they built the office on the ruins of an old barn and chose materials that would blend in. The rectangular building features frameless glass walls bookended with wooden pods. The main work areas are located in the open and naturally daylight areas, while programmatic areas like the Architectural Library, reprographics area, toilets, a kitchen, storage and a meeting room are in the pods at the ends.

Besides the use of natural daylighting, the office boasts various sustainable and healthy technologies to minimize environmental impact and improve working conditions for the employees. An on-site wind turbine generates power for the office, while the roof works to collect rainwater for the staff garden, where there is also composting. Inside, low energy lighting, energy efficient heating and cooling via radiant floors and air heat recovery circulation system work to minimize energy use. The result is an inspiring space in which to work and a chance to connect to the surrounding rural landscape.


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