house in blacksod bay by tierney haines architects

  • 住宅


 Three sandstone wings protect an inner courtyard from fierce coastal winds at this seaside house in Ireland by Tierney Haines Architects.

Located 30 metres from the seafront, House in Blacksod Bay is surrounded by countryside, so Tierney Haines Architects drew inspiration from the local architecture to create three gabled buildings that reference traditional farmhouses.

The family that occupies the house spend most of their time in the two-storey eastern wing and the large central kitchen, which can be separated from the guest suite to the west by a series of moving partitions. "The client asked for a stone house that would make the most of the site and that could be divided in two for winter and summer use," architect Stephen Tierney told Dezeen.

The rugged dry stone walls were constructed using local Lacken sandstone, which will naturally weather with age but also protect the house from intense weather. "When there are storms there can be seaweed on the roof," said Tierney.

Window sills and lintels are also made from roughly cut stone, while slate tiles cover the steeply pitched rooftops.

Inside the house, oak-framed windows set up views of the surrounding landscape. "You drive into the protected courtyard and there are glimpses through the blocks of the distant mountains, you enter the hall door and a distant view of the open sea is framed, then as you move further into the house the views open up one after the other," explained Tierney.

"There is a real pleasure standing in the large window openings framed by 700-millimetre thick walls and see the Atlantic storms several centimetres from your nose but not feel them," he added.

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