ricardo torrejon schellhorn cgm house limache

  • 住宅


 the client posed two basic desires: the need for a home that would host large social gatherings consisting of kids and adults, 
and at the same time to provide a sheltered, private space for the immediate family. chilean architect ricardo torrejon schellhorn's 
response in designing the 'CGM house' was to split the dwelling into four individual zones - parents, children, common spaces
and services - that can, in terms of scale, accommodate large or small groups. the 5000 m2 site offers a wealth of natural habitat, 
located on a peninsula 20 km away from the coastline surrounded by a natural water reservoir used for recreational purposes. 
the 30-degree slope meant the need for a concrete plinth, made with a corrugated texture, that would set the stage for the construct 
and direct views towards the sea and mountains ahead. 

the timber frame construction, clad in weathered oak planks recovered from discarded wood from other sites, is made up of four 
geometrically similar masses, overlaid on each other and oriented in different directions, benefiting from the protruding forms to 
create exterior rooftop terraces, in this way creating an urban microcosm that can hold an overflow of guests. the structures are 
placed to act as a screen from the afternoon sea winds. the interiors on the other hand are each unique, relying on the organization 
of space and the treatment of material to define unique private residences, rather than simply placing and rearranging various kinds 
of furniture. the rest of the reclaimed lumber was used to make certain fixtures and stairs, with the left over pieces proving useful as
firewood. the spaces are naturally ventilated and include polished concrete radiators darkened with quartz.

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