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2016年日本东京“住宅展望”(House Vision)展览提供了一个展望住宅为纽带的产业未来愿景的平台,吸引了众多知名建筑公司的参加。Airbnb是第一个受邀参加的西方公司。Airbnb专门设立了一个独立设计工作室,Samara,负责汲取过去的经验投入新建筑产品的创意开发。他们带来的第一个设计项目名叫“yoshino-sugi”雪松住宅,是同东京建筑公司长谷豪川Go Hasegawa联手打造的,位于奈良县的yoshino。



Samara负责人Joe Gebbia说:“一个健康的社区会同居民形成一种相互依赖,互动发展的关系,我们就是为打造这种完美社区不断努力着。Samara在过去八年的实践经验成为我们今后发展的宝贵指导,通过周到的服务,对周围经济的促进不断推动Airbnb实体社区发展壮大。”


Airbnb + Go Hasegawa's yoshino cedar house vision to become bookable listing

House vision 2016 Tokyo: Airbnb is the first western company to be invited to participate in the second edition of house vision, an exhibition curated by Japanese designer Kenya Hara, bringing together renowned names in the design and architecture industry to present ideas on the future of the home. The ‘yoshino-sugi cedar house’ is the first outcome of Airbnb’s newly created multi-disciplinary innovation and design studio: samara. Together with Tokyo-based architect Go Hasegawa, the scheme focuses on a narrative directed at the town of yoshino in the Nara prefecture.

Go Hasegawa chose to use of yoshino cedar wood as the prominent material throughout the exterior and interior envelope of the build. The aim is for the scheme to foster new relationships in the town use architecture to engender a deeper relationship between hosts and guests. The first floor has been designed as an inviting open space, while the upper-level gabled-roof loft would cater to visitors and overnight guests. When the exhibit finishes, the cedar house will be relocated to a riverside location in yoshino and registered on Airbnb as listing. In turn, it will be maintained by the village and proceeds earned from the guests will be used to strengthen the cultural legacy and future of the area, which has struggled as younger generations migrate away from rural towns.

We believe healthy communities are those that support each other, and we’re inventing new pathways to enable this,’ comments Joe Gebbia, Airbnb co-founder. ‘Samara will give us even more experimental space to apply what we’ve learned over the last eight years and pioneer services for connection, commerce, and social change within and around the expanding Airbnb community.’