Schmidt Hammer Lassen 建筑事务所设计的上海黄浦江畔“云展馆”

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Schmidt Hammer Lassen 建筑事务所设计的上海黄浦江畔“云展馆”

丹麦Schmidt Hammer Lassen建筑事务所(SHL)完成了位于上海浦东新区的“云馆”设计,原始概念围绕云展来,在2013年为西岸艺术和建筑双年展设计了一系列展馆。中国著名建筑学家张永和、李湘宁也参与了设计。



SHL的合作设计师Chris Hardie说,“新馆以玻璃云的形式创造出奇特的空间。云的形状如同孩子画笔下那一朵朵洁白的云彩,还利用了中国传统绘画中中云的描绘方式。中国古代绘画中,云一直是好运的象征。夜晚降临,天花板反射出玻璃地面的亮光,又在河岸形成了一朵云的形状。”


Schmidt hammer lassen constructs permanent cloud pavilion in shanghai

Schmidt hammer lassen (SHL) has completed the ‘cloud pavilion’, a permanent exhibition space on the banks of the Huangpu river in shanghai, china. In 2013, SHL was commissioned to create a series of pavilions as part of the west bund biennale of art and architecture, curated by renowned chinese architect zhang yonghe, and architecture professor li xiangning.

As part of the biennale, Schmidt Hammer Lassen completed the original cloud pavilion, an ephemeral structure comprising 20,000 pieces of white rope. Intended as a counterpoint to the heavy industrial cranes on the waterfront, the pavilion was designed to last for the two month duration of the event. However, the success of the scheme meant that it remained in place for more than two years. consequently, in 2015, SHL was asked to redesign the pavilion as a permanent event space. The brief was to maintain the steel structure of the original pavilion, create at least 100 square meters of space for exhibitions, provide a small kitchen with storage, and maintain the original cloud-like form.

The new pavilion creates a singular space in the form of an extruded glass cloud,’ explains chris hardie, design partner at schmidt hammer lassen. ‘The cloud shape in plan directly relates to the cartoon like form associated with how a child would draw a cloud, and how clouds are often seen depicted in traditional Chinese prints. The cloud is considered a symbol of luck in ancient Chinese painting. at night the ceiling is illuminated against a reflective mirrored surface giving the illusion of an abstract floating cloud along the riverfront, and acts as a marker for citizens to meet and rest.’

The pavilion is one of many projects currently being designed by SHL along the Huang Pu river in shanghai. the studio is working together with the dream center to develop a new 1,800-seat broadway muscial theatre, a 300-seat live music venue, and on the conversion of a cement factory warehouse into a creative art and design hub. see more projects by schmidt hammer lassen on designboom here.