ICEHOTEL 挪威小冰屋,避暑的首选

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ICEHOTEL 挪威小冰屋,避暑的首选



夏季,ICEHOTEL在白天依赖太阳能发电制冷,夜晚时分可以用合作伙伴Solkompaniet提供的屋顶上的光伏电池。夏季结束时,ICEHOTEL中20间小屋、冰吧、图书馆都会联合在一起,比之前的面积扩大了整整三倍,来迎接冬天的到来。ICEHOTEL的创建者Yngve Bergqvist说:“过去我们尝试过很多次这种临时的小冰屋的体验,效果非常好,而且现在越来越多的人热衷于去体验别具一格的住宅生活,不仅仅局限在冬天。所以夏天来的人一年比一年多,很多人希望在其他地方也能有如此精彩的冰屋,我们会继续朝这个目标发展。”


Sweden’s legendary ICEHOTEL taps solar power to stay open year-round

The sparkling, chilly beauty of northern Sweden’s ICEHOTEL brings in thousands of visitors each year, only to melt away each spring. That will all change with a new addition projected to open this December, which will stay open into the sunny summer months thanks to a rooftop solar panel addition. Guests will be able to enjoy both the fire of the midnight sun and their icy accommodations at the same time.

The ICEHOTEL has been operational for 26 years, with the same routine of preparing the destination each winter and shutting down each spring. The new hotel wing will be open 365 days a year in response to customer demand for a cool place to stay after a late night hike or dogsled adventure in the sun.

During the summer months, the addition will generate power from the sun day and night via photovoltaic rooftop panels provided by partner Solkompaniet. When the seasonal sun sets, the collection of 20 suites, ice bar, and gallery will join the rest of the ICEHOTEL, which is three times its size, for the winter rush. “We’ve created many temporary ice experiences in the past, and we’ve seen an increasing interest for visiting ICEHOTEL not just in winter,” stated founder Yngve Bergqvist. “Every summer we have international visitors who arrive in Jukkasjärvi and ask us where they can see ICEHOTEL – I look forward to being able to point it out to them!”