MIMD AC 创造的多功能办公空间

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MIMD AC 创造的多功能办公空间

这个项目由德国设计事务所MIND AC设计建造,三层的办公空间,呈现出一种紧凑的形式,坐落于西德比绍夫海姆的郊区。

这栋名为büro schulstrasse的建筑用交错层叠的木板做外墙,MIND AC给出的楼层平面图有多多样化的设计样式以供客户自由选择。建筑最核心的理念充分彰显在对现代办公环境的追求上,不断进行创新,创造无数可能。

büro schulstrasse在外表上低调有内涵,这得益于对建筑材料的选择。另外,室内空间很大,强调了灵活自主性和人与环境的和谐关系。大大的落地窗户使室内阳光充足,采光效果好。



MIND AC develops versatile office space with timber envelope in Germany

This project realized by German firm MIND AC sees a three-storey office space built up in a compact plot located in the central suburban area of Bischofsheim in west Germany.

‘büro schulstrasse’ rises as a solid timber volume clad completely in cross-laminated paneling. MIND AC planned the ecological building with a versatile floorplan to accommodate the client’s desire of wanting a co-working setting. The result capitalizes on the urban possibilities of its location to capture a contemporary office environment, and take into consideration of the possibility of future renovations.

Access into the interior is through an entrance set back from the main road. The unobtrusive character of the building is due to the minimum material palette in which the design team decided to use. An airy and open nature is instilled in the interiors, this underlines the main design concept of exercising flexibility and relationship with the surrounding context and is seen especially on the ground floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural light, while curtains have been installed as space partitioning for meetings, the kitchen and workshops.

A white steel staircase delineates the different types of work environments on each floor and forms the central link. The first and second floors offer independent work spaces for privacy and focus. Large windows interrupt the timber façade to capture garden views outside and the same curtains used on the ground floor allow the control of light.