世界最高的模块化建筑——32层的461 Dean

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世界最高的模块化建筑——32层的461 Dean

461 Dean 是一座位于布鲁克林的32层住宅大楼,由纽约建筑公司SHoP设计,将363个预制公寓像俄罗斯方块一样堆叠成,对整个集成建筑界,weile 363无疑是一大建筑壮举。

461 Dean隶属于在布鲁克林“太平洋公园”一个商业和住宅开发项目的一部分。当2012年开始建造461 Dean时,开发商森林城市拉特纳公司(Forest City Ratner)表示,该建筑的构造将提前18个月完成,而且比传统塔楼节省20%的成本,使得其公寓更加经济实惠。

但在461 Dean的建设中,最大的障碍之一是建设960个模块的“零件库”。模块化建筑的预想是采用线性操作——由墙壁、房间、楼层构建建筑,并将其划分为平行过程。理想情况下,施工队伍可将90%的模块化建筑的外部集中在一起。SHoP的主管Chris Sharples表示:“你可以同时开始建设一个整体建筑物,你建造的单元越多,模块化建筑的可预测性和效率就越高。但是首先你必须进行设计和制造组件”。

除此之外,在461 Dean的选址的问题上更是困难重重。大多数模块建筑包括多个完全相同的箱形单元。但是461 Dean坐落在一块三角形的土地上,这种形状出现在建筑物解剖面的每个方面,从单个模块到塔身本身的熨斗形状。监管森林城市模块化业务的Roger Krulak表示:“不管你是按照传统方式还是模块方式进行建造,在三角形上构造都非常难”。


对于森林城市来说,现在正处于观望中。开发商已经承诺至少在其之后的三个项目都会使用传统构建方法。但Gilmartin认为,未来再次使用模块化构建的方法也是有可能的。461 Dean 是“太平洋公园”项目的一部分,其承诺提供2250套经济适用房。至今已经完成了800套。Gilmartin说:“继续这一任务有很多好处。这对我们来说仍然是一个极具吸引力的建议。”目前,对于设计师、开发商和城市规划者来说的挑战就是让这一提议变成现实。


461 dean: the world's tallest modular tower opens in brooklyn

in new york, 461 dean — the building described as the world’s tallest modular tower — has opened, with many residents already beginning to move in. designed by SHoP architects, the 32-storey brooklyn high-rise includes 363 rental apartments and a range of on-site amenities, including a fitness center, a yoga and dance studio, and a games room with table tennis and billiards.

developed by forest city ratner companies, 461 dean is the first residential building to open at pacific park brooklyn, a 22-acre mixed-use community laid out by frank gehry. designed by SHoP architects, who also completed the adjacent barclays center, the structure contains 149 studios, 166 one-bedroom apartments, and 48 two-bedroom apartments. half of the units are set aside for low and middle-income new yorkers, with over 84,000 prospective residents applying for the building’s 181 affordable residences.

the construction process meant that each modular unit had to be of certain proportions to fit on a truck, as each apartment’s caesarstone countertop, stone backsplash, and stainless steel appliances were installed at the brooklyn navy yard before being moved to site. ‘offsite construction reduces environmental impact and offers a creative way forward for the construction industry to address the intersecting needs of cities today,’ explains SHoP principal chris sharples. ‘this is a pioneering project, and the methods we developed here can help meet the enormous demand for new housing in new york and other rapidly growing cities.’

‘these residences feature truly unique design and architectural elements influenced by the modular construction,’ adds matthew villetto of douglas elliman development marketing. ‘from the wall-hung vanities and custom closets, to the wide range of units with multiple exposures and frameless windows, which elevate the view experiences. 461 dean’s location and connectivity to some of the most desirable tree-lined brooklyn neighborhoods, fantastic options for public transportation, and a vibrant culture and nightlife, really make this building a standout in the marketplace.’


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