Sonoma weeHouse,苹果公司也跨界设计房子啦

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Sonoma weeHouse,苹果公司也跨界设计房子啦

苹果公司向来主打创新和无边界,无条件奇思妙想,所以这样一个以电子为主的公司跨界设计房子,听起来没有丝毫的不靠谱。苹果公司零售店设计负责人想要一个完全现代化的店面设计,百分百流线型,造型和功用上都无可挑剔。想法一出,便联合Alchemy的设计团队,参考weeHouse的设计方案重新打造了Sonoma weeHouse。这是一栋典型的预制式房屋,两层建筑集装箱都是开放式的,因为面积小完全能够安装在橡木和船中间位置,这样一来,风景独好,视野开阔。

Sonoma weeHouse是包括Alchemy的设计团队和加州客户实际需求融合的结晶,最主要的设计还是来源于明尼苏达州的Alchemy的设计团队,因为90%的初始箱体都是在俄亥俄州预制打造再运到加州。其中钢配饰包括楼梯,天台栏杆,都是在明尼苏达州设计完成的。

970平方英尺的Sonoma weeHouse主要分为两大区域,一个是640平方英尺的主人区和330平方英尺的客房区。两大区域均为钢结构为主体,安装9英尺高的玻璃幕墙,应客户要求设计的波纹形刚包层,内置全部是精细打磨的家具。立门的氧化钢使用寿命长,不仅可以节约维护费用,还能把室内室外有机结合在一起。



Apple design director perfects a prefab home into an ultra-minimal, modern dwelling

It should come as no surprise that when Apple’s Director of Store Design was in the market for a new house, he wanted a home that would be as modern and streamlined as his employer’s impeccable shopfronts. He, along with the team at Alchemy, tweaked the original designs of the Alchemy weeHouse to create the Sonoma weeHouse, a prefabricated home made up of two elevated open-sided boxes. The ultra-minimal home was swiftly assembled onsite between gnarled oaks and boasts fantastic views of the Santa Rosa valley in California.

The 970-square-foot Sonoma weeHouse is based on Alchemy’s original weeHouse modified with several customizations and finishing requirements by the San Francisco-based client, who is also an architect. While the home’s design was finalized in Minnesota by the Alchemy team, the structure was mostly prefabricated in Oregon before it was shipped, 90 percent complete, to its California site. The steel accessories, which include stairs, porch railings, and lasercut trim, were prefabricated in and shipped out from Minnesota.

The Sonoma weeHouse comprises two main modules—a 640-square-foot main house and a 330-square-foot accompanying guesthouse—set atop horizontally banded, board-formed concrete plinths. Both modules feature steel frames, nine-foot-tall sliding glass walls, custom corrugated weathering steel cladding, and ipe interiors with oiled oak cabinetry. The low-maintenance oxidized steel facade helps blend the home into the landscape of gnarled coastal oaks and seasonal grasses.

The main house contains a whitewashed oak box in the middle that houses the bedroom and divides the open kitchen, dining room, and living room on one end of the box from the toilet and shower on the other. Sliding glass doors connect the interior to an outdoor bolt-on porch that cantilevers into the dramatic landscape valley of Santa Rosa. A rear walkway connects the main house to the small guesthouse. Doors, privacy screens, and insect screens are recessed to minimize visual clutter.